George Bryant

Hi, I'm George

I'm an industrial designer, techie and general maker nerd, and I made this site to share some of my personal projects. Development of the site is still ongoing - this is a minimum viable product!


Amplifier with electronics mounted to the front

Amp remote control

Fixing the volume control UX of my new TV

Prototype pointing stick

Pointing stick

Developing an open-source pointing stick module

Preview of my keyboard design experiments

Keyboard experiments

My last few years of dabbling in keyboard design

Ploopy trackball top modification

Adventures in Ploopy-land

Experiments to improve the experience of using the Ploopy trackball using different bearings

Kitchen timer prototypes

Kitchen timer

Designing and prototyping a better kitchen timer for my use-case

Pegboard mounted on desk

Pegboard mounts

Desk-mounting an IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard with 3D-printed mounts